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We are a family of believers who want to live our life in a manner that honors God, loves people and serves the community. We would love to have you find out more about our family.

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Our Mission

A Win the lost at any prize for Jesus Christ. MAtthew 28: 19 t0 20 ministry, limited number of frequencies are available for new radio stations. Every channel we can capture for Christ will have a far reaching ministry to people who never go to church. To a great extent, America/the world is raising a generation of pagans, young people who do not go to church. Nevertheless, God, in mercy, has given us a pipeline into every home and every car … by radio, television, and internet. For us to use the mass media in our ministries is not an option. It is a mandate from the Lord. How else will we reach our generation?

A broadcast station is one of the finest communications tools God has ever given to us. Programming has a powerful impact upon our minds. It teaches values. It suggests a great deal about how we should live, and it has bearing upon our behavior. Christians are not just concerned, they are dismayed at the continuing trend of negative programming. Rather than condemn today’s broadcast fare, the real challenge is to offer a positive listening alternative.

It is up to us to use the powerful avenues of the media to show our generation the values that build moral fiber into our society. A broadcast station is neither good nor bad. It is a passive device without morals. A station may be used to hurl forth music and talk that is sensual, or it may be used for the Christian message. Key men throughout our country, knowing the tremendous power and influence of broadcasting, are being led of God to establish listening alternatives in their communities. This is an opportunity to establish a beachhead for the Gospel in the homes of an increasingly unchurched Americans and the world.

A minimum investment, plus equipment financing, makes possible a powerful ministry, (RADIO) with a broad impact upon the community. Clearly, God has provided this marvelous access into every home, and our challenge is to bring Christ into each one.

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